Samsung: 2016 a year to forget

Usually bad luck is considered a superstition, but today the world has to make an exception. Samsung seems to be under a dark cloud and nothing seems to shake it off. Three recalls in a single year can be quite embarrassing, especially for a company as big as Samsung.


On Friday U.S. authorities recalled 3 million Samsung washing machines. This comes after injuries were reported and a broken jaw, due to excessive vibrations.


Samsung has had to surrender $5.3 billion in just one quarter. And with this washing machine recall the amount might double. In just this one quarter the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled twice, with reports of an exploding battery.


The recall is on washing machines sold in the U.S. and Canada—although no injury reports were reported in Canada.


Recall in Australia

Prior to this recall, Samsung made another recall earlier in Australia (unrelated to this recall). In 2013 Authorities reported a major electrical problem causing fire. The situation was not handled particularly well, as consumers complained to authorities that Samsung was fixing the machines and not exchanging or refunding. The Australian authorities titled the problem a “major safety failure”, as they failed to meet their request.


Samsung gets a Lawsuit

Back to the current recall: Samsung was hit with a lawsuit by attorneys representing consumers from Texas, Indiana and Georgia. These consumers say their washing machines exploded while in use. On Friday the Consumer Product Safety Commission released a statement citing 733 reports of Samsung machines experiencing excessive vibrations and 9 injuries related to the problem.


John Herrington, a Samsung senior vice president, said in a statement: “Our priority is to reduce any safety risks in the home and to provide our customers with easy and simple choices in response to the recall,”


Samsung also said the problem occurred when a high-speed spin cycle was used to wash bedding or other bulky items. In the statement, the company’s U.S. subsidiary said it’s working with retailers and the commission to inform consumers about the problem.


Samsung has offered a free repair or rebate towards a new washing machine to all consumers of the 34 affected models. They also offer a full refund option to consumers who purchased theirs within the last 30 days.


Samsung is one of the leading manufactures in smartphone, home & office appliances and other electronics. Stumbles in two different departments might cause them dearly.


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