Vertu: The most elegant a phone can be

Vertu is a Bristish manufacturer that takes the words elegance and luxury and puts them together to form something you can only describe as ludicrously extravagant. iPhone, Lumia and Samsung have made their noise in the smartphone industry but Vertu has made its appeal to a different class of people.


The Vertu is a handcrafted phone, which by default tells you it is very limited and requires quite a deep pocket. The company has been in existence since 1998, and had smartphones released throughout the years. And now new to their collection is the Vertu Constellation which is also hand built and runs an Android OS.

 Vertu C4 Personalized

Although elegant, the phone still matches up with your normal top end Smarthphone hardware. 


  • 5” Display with 2,560 X 1,440
  • 12mp rear camera
  • Wireless Charging
  • Fingerprint ID and NFC for Android Pay
  • 128GB internal Storage (Memory expandable)
  • USB Type-C
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

If that’s the hardware, then one may argue that a 4 900 Euro (ZAR70 807.64) price tag is too big for a phone carrying a name that’s not so popular in the smartphone circles. Furthermore; a handcrafted smartphone does not make your calls any clearer than other smarthphones, make your internet faster or even make the network coverage any better. It’s the hardware that makes the difference, and if that’s the same like all the other smarthphones then we may all agree that Vertu is just being ridiculous about their asking price. Luckily that’s not all there is to the phone.


Vertu 24-hour concierge service


The phone comes with a one touch button to vertu’s 24-hour concierge service. “Concierge offers 24-hour worldwide assistance, recommendations and priority bookings. They facilitate your every request, from finding the perfect gift to accessing ‘money-can’t-buy’ events, experiences and everything in between. Your Concierge will fulfil every request using their unique expertise and inside knowledge.” According to


34 international bands and SilentCircle


The company says the duel-sim phone can work on 34 international bands, and what’s even sweeter is that the phone fully encrypts your calls—this is made possible by the tech from SilentCircle. So great news for those who don’t like being tabbed.

So in conclusion; This is quite a phone, and well priced for the package you getting.

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