Tech promises for 2018

The year is still in its infant stages, and yet the headlines are somehow giving us an idea of the type of year we just walked into. Leading the technology headlines is iPhone of cause, with google, Huawei and the CES in the mix too.


The Negative Headlines

Several iPhone X users have surfaced claiming to have overheating issues with the device, this comes not long after Apple admitted to slowing down their old devices.

Back in December they were dragged to court after being accused for deliberately slowing down the performance of their old devices.

iPhone X Space Black

In their defense, iPhone claimed the reason was to prolong the battery life of the devices. But back to the overheating issue; iPhone slowing down old tried and tested devices to promote new overheating ones, may not be a great business idea.

Speaking of courts and lawsuits, I doubt there’s any company more familiar to the setup like Samsung. Their war with Huawei has finally drawn to a conclusion, with the verdict swinging Huawei’s way.

Samsung has been found guilty of violating Huawei’s patents. They have been asked to pay the courts a small fee and refrain from manufacturing and selling devices which contain the technology at question.

Technology To Look Forward To

LG 65” flexible Television screen

For a moment one would think the order of 2018 would be lawsuits and courts. However, that just one side of the coin. Take heart because the CES had more good news for the future of technology.

In the event LG unveiled a 65” flexible Television screen, which can role down to a cube like a poster.

Vivo also showcased an onscreen fingerprint scanner, a technology rumoured to be “the tech that iPhone wanted in the iPhone X” but settled for facial recognition.

Many more goodies were showcased at the CES to brighten up 2018. We will be keeping you updated with the highlights and breaking news in the world of technology.

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