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Since 2000 when Lenovo released their first tablet running the Windows XP tablet OS (Operating System), the world clung on to the promise that tablets were to replace laptops. Then in 2009 Apple brought a bit of hope to the public with their announcement of the iPad, but that was not enough because the disappointment in the faces of my fellow earth dwellers just grew more and more by the day. Then eventually hope was lost and people forgot the true purpose of the tablet, resulting to purchasing it as a substitute to smartphone.

I won’t lie as a huge fan of technology, sitting next to someone holding a tablet on their ears in a taxi is disheartening because it reminds me of how we were failed, and instead of someone taking ownership and responsibility before the great multitudes to apologies for the great deception they instead inveigled us to buy the tablet anyway and left us to assume its purpose.

However in October 2015 Microsoft stepped up and said “enough is enough” when they announced the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Pro line has always brought hope of coming close to the goal from the 1st up until the 3rd generation of the Surface Pro, but the 4th generation or attempt one may say; hit the final nail in the coffin. It is a tablet I would take any day over a laptop.

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The Surface Pro 4 tablet runs the Windows 10 OS like the one running in your desktop or laptop and can therefore run all apps and programs you run on your normal windows computer.

This means you won’t have to find substitute programs to the one on your work/personal computer, you can just use the very same programs to catch up with your work while moving around the office—yep I’m not saying that as a cliché, the removable keyboard and 766 grams of weight allows you to do so without a sweat. When it comes to making conference calls, that can now be done in HD with the 5 megapixels front facing camera, and with a battery life of up to 9 hours, you can focus more on your work rather than remembering your charger. So for business use this baby can do better than your laptop.

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The Surface Pro 4 is not just for business but can also handle pleasure. The Redmond team went all out on this one, for starters you can get it with any of these Intel® Core™ processors and RAM; the M3 (4GB RAM), i5 (8GB RAM) and i7 (16GB RAM). The tablet comes with built in memory of up to 1TB and the Iris 540 graphics card can handle just about any game the world has to offer. So if you were worried about the pleasure side of life the Pro has you covered too.

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The Surface Pro 5

Having said all that, it is no surprise that the World Wide Web is anticipating the successor of the Surface Pro 4, and have already started with the rumors ignoring the fact that the tablet has only been on the shelves for seven months.

Every major tech blog I know of is talking about the Surface Pro 5, and to add salt many are predicting that the Pro 5 will be announced before the end of the second quarter, which is very bold considering that Microsoft has adopted a tradition of making its big announcements in the beginning of the fourth quarter—just in time for Christmas shopping. However the price cut of the Surface Book and Pro 4 gives you an idea that these rumors are built on some form of ground and could have some truth surrounding them.

Anyway to wrap this one up I’m going to choose to leave you with a question; how much room for improvement is there on the Surface Pro 4 for Microsoft to start considering the 5th generation release of the Surface Pro?

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