Microsoft October 2016 | Imagine What You’ll do

Once more Microsoft has reminded some of us why it is such a joy to be a blogger. The October Event was a success for the Redmond Giants, and the tech introduced left all viewers with butterflies in their stomachs. As predicted in our previous post, the surface studio was the main item of the event. However don’t think for a second that other items went interesting, because everything at the event was just mind blowing.

Windows 10 Creators Update


Beginning with the Windows 10 creators update; Microsoft has introduced and made big 3D editing to all its Windows users. The 3D editing has brought a lot of creativity to Microsoft, something Apple always had an upper hand on over Microsoft. The creators update will also rely on its users to create a community of 3D items shared. This feature will work across all Microsoft’s platforms. The capturing of the 3D items was tested with a Windows Phone during the event. This gives us a relief that we at least don’t need to buy special camera devices to participate in 3D creation. This was introduced along with 3D paints- that is where everything will be edited, unless third party software companies join the party.


Also announced at the event—but not new, was the Holo-Lens. The tech was announced at the previous event in 2015, and was being tested by developers ever since. During this event it was announced that it is now available to consumers. What’s even great is the fact that other parties like Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc. will also be manufacturing the device and selling it to us from as little as $229. If you didn’t know, the Holo-Lens is a Virtual Reality (augmented) device.

Surface Pro and Book

Nothing major was announced or updated in the existing surface family, besides miner hardware updates. The surface book received a i7 core processor, otherwise the new feel will come mostly from the Windows update.

Surface Studio

The surface studio; is just on a league all by itself. Everything about the device is simply great. The design is breath taking, and the hardware installed is simply magnificent. What really caught us were the capabilities of the desktop. Introduced with the Surface studio is the Surface Dial, this is an invention that may have caught the world by surprise. Nothing was ever said or hinted about the device, and it is not an upgrade of something but rather an invention. It takes art and creativity to a whole new level.


If you missed the event, You can watch the complete two hour event below… please feel free to leave us your comments about the event.

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