Supercapacitors: A Break through the world has been waiting for

Super-Capacitors are one of the greatest discoveries of modern era. Since the 50’s technology has been gaining tremendous speed, and accelerating the world to a future that once never existed.

The discoveries we have seen in the last two decades, measure way more than the 100 years before that.

How it fills in

With the electric cars on the horizon, the timing for a battery power discovery could not be better. This is a technology which will not only revolutionize the car industry, but the tech industry as a whole.

Since it was first commercialized by Sony in 1991. The lithium-ion battery played a great deal in allowing the world the grounds to introduce new technologies.

Today we have Smartphones, laptops, even cars to name a few, which are powered by the lithium-ion battery. However, with the way things have advanced, the age of lithium-ion has reached its expiry.

How they stand against Super-Capacitors

Supercapacitors where also introduced, but were not ideal to the way technology is going—especially in cars. They had a few limitations such as taking 8 hours to fully charge and not being able to keep charge long enough (to cover the same distance as petrol cars).

Research by the University of Surrey, Augmented Optics and the University of Bristol say; the new battery tech has a potential capacity of 1,000 to 10,000 more than the current super-capacitors. And if put in cars it would fully charge as quick as it would take to fill up a petrol tank- compared to the 8 hour charge required by super-capacitors.

“We are not talking about something which will take 5, 10, 15, 20 years to realise a device” said Jim Heathcote CEO of Augmented optics. “We’re talking about potentially getting into prototyped devices within in a matter of months.”

The Next step for Augmented Optics is to transfer the science into a product, before they can move on to raising funds to build a factory that will manufacture the batteries.

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