The Sky is the limit for this Pilot crew.

Two Zimbabwean Ladies took it upon themselves to set Africa alight, and inspired the entire community of women. They broke through the “house wife” chains, and all other limitations for women in Africa to become pilots. And if that was not enough, they took their journey a step further by taking on a plane all by themselves.


Speaking of limitations; Chipo Matimba and Elizabeth Simbi broke through a lot to get to where they are. The environment they were raised in is not the best in the world. We’re talking about a country which most of its citizens migrate to other countries to seek better opportunities. A country considered a low-income, food-deficit country. Chipo and Elizabeth got to where they are through all those bumpy roads, where many wouldn’t have considered the journey.


Here at Kreativ Noir we hold the two dearest. Considering that we are a 100% black women owned company, they have given us an immeasurable amount of hope and belief that anything is possible. We cannot begin to imagine how much more they have done for the rest of the women out there.


There may be facts to be shared about this story, but we’d like to keep it as the story of hope on our side. If you followed all our posts, you’d know that we all about the technology. However today we had to stop our clocks and take off our hats for Chipo Matimba and Elizabeth Simbi, and say “Thank you”—you have reminded us that the sky is the limit.


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