Bill Gates: Robots Must Pay Tax Like Humans

Technology has come a long way, and every day new ideas surface to make our lives easier and get things done quicker. However there are two sides to every story, and the other side is what the world tries to keep silent because it is sensitive: The topic of Robots replacing human workforce.


The advancement of technology also means the loss of jobs around the world. Every time an automated machine is built it means that somebody has to lose their job, and for companies it makes sense because you’d want to save your money wherever you can. For this reason Bill Gates has come up with a solution that seems a winner.



In an interview with Quartz, Bill Gates raised the following argument: “As robots begin to infiltrate the workforce, why shouldn’t they be taxed just as humans?” He also argued that in order to offset Job losses due to automation, government should tax companies that use robots.


The argument might offset some big names like UBER, who invested a lot of money in self-driven cars. This could slow them down considerably, and not just UBER but also technology innovations as a whole. Bill Gates also noted that point, but also acknowledges that it would allow the displaced workers enough time to train for different fields that require human hands.


It was not the first time that the point had been raised, it first surfaced at the EU last week when the lawmakers suggested that a tax on robot makers and owners. The Legislators rejected the proposal brought forth, but noise also coming from the father of Microsoft himself could mean the EU has not yet seen the end of this argument.



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