Microsoft October 2016 Event

26th October is the next big stop for Microsoft. It may not be a deal breaker for a company that has been proving to be great lately, but it sure will be an opportunity to prove they are innovative. The company has made this month very important to their calendar, so much so you would begin to think everything builds up to October every year.


The Anticipation has been made so great, that we only know what they’ve allowed us to know. There are rumours about an addition to the surface family, and leading the race was the Surface Phone. That was the case until we were told to wait longer for its dawn. Also on hold with the surface phone could be the Surface Pro and Book. Microsoft will be making a bold statement if they don’t update the devices—a statement that; although the devices are a year old they are still current and can run for another term.




Microsoft has also invited some of their OEMs to join the event and also get to showcase their devices. We know that the Surface book surprise last year brought uncertainties to the partnering manufacturers, and so the invite is believed to clear the air. They claim that the Surface Book is not a competition to their devices, but should rather be seen as an aspirational device showing Microsoft’s vision of ‘the perfect device.’


Although Microsoft’s primary strategy remains strongly in the cloud and software services, the main focus for this event is rumoured to be the Surface all-in-one. A device which will showcase what windows 10 is capable of. It is set to take full advantage of windows 10 capabilities.


More Details about the event will start rolling out as the event uncovers, and it will be our pleasure to keep you updated as in comes.


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