Microsoft E3 XBOX Project Scorpio Event

The date and venue is set, and the banners are rolling out. The Next stop for gamers will be 11th June 2017, when Microsoft hosts the E3 Briefing event. The event is not only for gamers but Microsoft has centred their next generation XBOX for this particular event. This will be like how the surface studio was the centrepiece of last year’s event, and if last year’s event and the surface studio is anything to go by, then we are in for a treat.


The Xbox Project Scorpio has been rumoured to be a mean machine since the day it surfaced to bloggers and the net. And with everything that we’ve heard about the console so far, Microsoft promises to surprise us with even more exciting news.


The 4K gaming console is expected to be on the shelves this coming holiday season. In terms of specs of the console, everyone is in the dark and will have to wait for June when everything is wrapped up and Microsoft is ready to release the beast.


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