LG G6 planning to steal the show from Samsung

LG has forced a smartphone rivalry with Samsung since the introduction of the G-series. Although the rivalry put Samsung under pressure within the Android circles, the Galaxy S-series still kept its upper hand over the years.


The G-series is the company’s elite flagship and a lot of money was invested in order to make the brand works. However the introduction of the LG G5 was not well received and saw a drop in sales as to its predecessors. It was the modular design that let them down and rumours are LG is promising to drop the modularity on the G6 and give it a waterproofed unibody design with a Quad HD+ screen.


LG has seen an opening and are opting to capitalize on it, and hopefully use it not just to close the gap between them and Samsung but to also use it to overtake them. This they will do by going for an early launch this year (2017). This opening was made possible by the misfortunes of the Galaxy Note 7, and while some customers are still angry with Samsung, they’ll be hoping to fill in the gaps and comfort them with the G6.

 Samsung cautious about the next launch

The Galaxy Note 7 which caught fire not once, but twice last year, has caused Samsung way more than money. This is because to avoid the same incident Samsung were forced to delay the S8 launch in order to test and make sure the phone runs well.


LG is planning to unveil at the MWC 2017, and launch on the 10th of March in South Korea. Samsung has delayed their S8 launch to April at least, allowing them to make sure the phone is completely safe.


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