The G6 Leaked out and LG helps the rumour

All roads lead to Barcelona this February, at least for most of us. That may not be the case for LG lovers, for the cat is out of the bag and running wild on the streets. The phone has been leaked in numerous occasions, leaving every detail out in the open for the world to see.


The plan was to reveal the phone at the MWC 2017, a place where most tech companies showcase their masterpieces. But it all came crumbling down when trusted sources leaked out the features of the phone, leaving the company with no choice but to admit to the speculations. And worse this became more emotional when LG decided not just to admit to the rumours but also add more info which was left out by the rumour mill.


The question we all asked after the press release is; “was it necessary?” wasn’t there another way out of this…? I’m sure just leaving the speculations to run wild until the event, could have been less painful than the option they’ve chosen this time around—to expose everything.


The LG G6 is expected to go head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S8 which they consider their closest rivals. This was supposed to be their chance to close in to the galaxy, but with how  things are turning out; they might just have to wait for next year or even the next time Samsung hits a miss like they did with the Note 7.

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