Google Turns 18

Today marks a very important day for Google. This time we not talking about a multibillion dollar deal, which seems to be a norm with companies this big. We talking party big, our favourite teen is turning 18 today and becoming an adult. So we going to take a look down memory lane and share some good moments we’ve had with Google.


The journey began in 1998 4th September (18 years ago), with two Stanford University students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The Stanford due were Ph.D. students when they started the research in 1996. And came up with a unique concept which analysed the relationships between websites, rather than what was common at that time (ranking according to how many times a word appeared in a website).


What we know today as Google was initially called Googol, and was accidently change to Google through a spelling error. Larry Page and Sergey Brin had to stick with the name Google after they received their first $100,000 pay check under the name Google Inc., and so had to run to the bank and create a bank account for the name. Also during its first days Google used to run under the Stanford University website as


Larry and Sergey tried to sell the company for $1million to whoever was willing to pay, but no one came along. And who can forget Yahoo’s blender, who also let the company go when it was offered to them in 1997. A year later things started to sky rocket for the Stanford due, and Google was voted search engine of choice by the PC Magazine. This afforded them a move from the garage to their first Mountain View offices, and this move was done with just 8 employees.


Google has grown since, recording an amazing amount of 57,000 full time employees nationwide in 2015. According to Forbes Google today sits 2nd World’s most valuable Brand at $82.5 Billion, and also 2nd in America’s best Employers. Surely if we asked its closest competitors to summarise Google’s history and title it, they would call it the “The Problem Child”. Google’s success has been remarkable and continues to exceed all expectations.


From the Kreativ Noir team we wish you a HAPPY and JOYFUL birthday. And look forward to experiencing many more decades of your great services.

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