Christmas is on the 7th for all PlayStation Fans

Both Sony and Ster-Kinekor Entertainment have taken it upon themselves to announce the BIG News all PlayStation Fans have been waiting for, since the launch of the PS4 Pro. The console is set to hit the shelves today with a recommended price tag of R5 999.99 right next to it.


If you missed the News a few months back, then You should know that the PS4 Pro will be introducing 4K gaming amongst many other updates from the PlayStation 4.


Since the launch of the first PlayStation in December of 1994, PlayStation have made it a tradition to introduce the slim version of each console before moving to the next generation. However; not only did they introduce the slim version (PS4 Slim) this time, but also the Pro— Something totally new to the console giants.


There are some critiques circulating, that say “the PS4 Pro release was too soon- considering the fact that the PS4 Slim is still an infant in terms of time and sales.” But if you consider the competition coming from Microsoft, you can’t really blame them.


Also what pushed the PS4 pro is the 4k technology. That could not be added to the slim version—for the only thing that should separate the slim and the normal PS4 is the size, and maybe few adjustments.


For those who are worried your PS4 game collection is compatible with the PS4 Pro, however you will have to update each game specially to take advantage of the 4K technology.


Ster-Kenikor stated in the press release email that the reason they had to push for today’s launch was because of the demand by consumers for the console since its release.


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